Root Canal Treatment

What Exactly is Meant By Root Canal Treatment?

Also called Endodontics root canal treatment is given when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth which is called the ‘pulp' has become infected following decay or an injury. There will not usually be any pain in the early stages of infection. Sometimes the tooth might look a little darker in colour that might be an indication that the nerve of the tooth is dying or has died. Root canal treatment will then be necessary.

Why would it be necessary to resort to root canal treatment?

Root Canal Treatment

When the pulp is infected that infection might also spread through the root canal system of teeth allowing an abscess to form. An abscess is an area of inflammation that is pus filled which might also lead to swelling in the soft tissues of the teeth. This might lead to anything from a dull ache to severe pain and the tooth might be very tender when you try to bite or chew. If root canal is not done then the infection will continue to spread and you will lose the tooth.

Will having root canal treatment be painful?

Usually, a local anaesthetic will be used and it should feel much the same as having an ordinary filling done. You may feel tenderness afterwards but this will lessen over time.

What does the treatment involve?

The aim of root canal work is to remove the infection from the root canal. Once that is done the root will be cleaned and filled to avoid any further infection. This is not a quick treatment and most often you will need two or more visits to the root canal dentist to complete the work needed.

At your first appointment the pulp will be removed and any abscesses that have formed with be drained. Then the root canal will be thoroughly cleaned and shaped ready for the filling to be done. A temporary filling will be applied while the tooth settles down. The tooth will be checked at a later appointment and once all the infection has been cleared the tooth will get the final filling.

Will my tooth look different after the treatment?

Traditionally a root filled tooth might appear darker than other teeth but these days with more modern techniques, this is not usually the case. If there is any discolouration then there will be ways of rectifying the situation.

Is it likely to happen again?

Normally root canal treatment is very successful but if the infection does recur then it might be possible to repeat the treatment.

What will happen if I don’t go for treatment?

Without treatment the pulp will be destroyed and no healing can take place and it is never recommended that you leave an infected tooth in your mouth. Without treatment, inevitably the tooth would have to be removed.

Will a root filled tooth be safe after treatment?

It will be safe but because it is ‘dead’ it will be more brittle and it is not uncommon for a crown to be fitted to give additional strength.

Where is this type of treatment carried out?

Treatment of this sort is fairly routine procedure and your dentist will be very experienced in doing this at the surgery. Sometime you might be referred to Endodontist, a specialist in this particular kind of dental treatment.

What will be the best way to care for my tooth after root canal treatment?

You will need to look after your tooth in the same way that you do all the other teeth. Always brush before you go to bed and then one other time during the day, using fluoride toothpaste. Try not to have too many sugary drinks or foods especially between meals. See your dental team as often as they recommend that you do.


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