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Orthodontist in ABERYSTWYTH SY23

What do orthodontists do?


Orthodontist is a dentist with expertise on jaw and teeth alignment. An orthodontist in ABERYSTWYTH SY23 is well trained and experienced to correct the misalign teeth and jaw properly. Without alignment, it can be difficult to clean teeth correctly, resulting in problems with oral health and hygiene. It can even be difficult to talk and chew properly.


Orthodontists treat a range of orthodontic issues, typically including:


  • Bad bites - underbites, overbites, open bites, or crossbites.
  • Overcrowding - if there’s not enough space in the jaw, teeth can grow through at an angle. 
  • Poor facial structure - orthodontic problems can sometimes affect the shape of the face. An orthodontist in ABERYSTWYTH SY23 can realign the jaws, lips, and face to create aesthetically pleasing, even smiles.


What does treatment involve?


Depending on your individual case, your orthodontist may use one of the following treatments:


  • Fixed or removable braces

    Metal or ceramic braces may be used for higher levels of precision. Alternately, there are a number of virtually invisible braces used to treat less complex cases.


  • Headgear

    These appliances are used to correct misaligned bites. They are used in combination with braces to better move the teeth and jaw into perfect alignment.


  • Retainers

    A retainer can be a vital component in orthodontic treatment. They are worn after braces and/or headgear to ensure the teeth stay in their new and improved position.


Which treatment is right for me?


The right treatment for you depends on the details of your individual case. Your orthodontist in ABERYSTWYTH SY23 can determine the best treatment for you at your initial consultation.


What happens at my initial consultation?


Your initial consultation should take around an hour. It’s an in-depth appointment that gives you the chance to find out more about your orthodontists, as well as the treatment most suitable for your case.


Your orthodontist will give you a full dental examination, as well as take panoramic X-rays, photographs, and study models of your teeth. From these investigative procedures, your orthodontist can recommend a personalised treatment plan.


Things to keep in mind

It’s important you feel at ease and fully informed during your initial consultation. You have the opportunity to raise concerns and ask questions to get a clear idea of your treatment. Here are some helpful questions to keep in mind:

  • Do you feel comfortable with the orthodontist?
  • Are the staff friendly and welcoming?
  • How experienced is the orthodontist?
  • Do you fully understand your case as explained by your orthodontist?
  • Do you understand the proposed plan of treatment?
  • Ask to see some before and after photos. Would you be impressed with similar results?


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