Dermal Fillers

How do Dermal Fillers work?

As the years go by, the collagen and elastin occurring naturally in our skin, reduce. This is because cells gradually become unable to reproduce their youthful component. When this happens the skin will be dryer, thinner and will be less able to recover and repair itself. When we are born we all have a lot of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) but as we age the body’s store of HA reduces, depleting the skin’s supporting structures and allowing wrinkles and lines to appear. Dermal fillers will lift and smooth very specific folds and targeted wrinkles and add subtle volume. Dermal fillers will leave the skin looking fresher.


The treatment will normally involve injecting the natural product (HA) through a very small needle. Discomfort from this kind of treatment is minimal, and the treatment does not take long to perform. The result of the dermal filler treatment will be obvious immediately after treatment. Treating wrinkles is a quick and efficient and there will be no scarring.

What will happen during my treatment with dermal filler?

The treatment will usually take about half or three quarters of an hour to complete and the results will last up to eighteen months after your treatment although there have been cases of results lasting as long as twenty-four months. Treatment is not permanent and completely reversible and in common with Botox treatment, can cause a small amount of swelling and bruising that will last no longer than around 24 hours and will easily be camouflaged with face makeup.

Is everybody suitable for treatment with dermal filler?

Facial fillers can be used in a broad range of patients, and will primarily be used for reducing wrinkles, fine lines and for overall skin rejuvenation. For people who want to add volume and structure to their facial treatment with fillers will be of benefit. Fillers will also help to restore lost facial volume as it begins to reduce naturally when we get to our late thirties or early forties. The fillers will give a fresher, brighter look.

Is this treatment not advised for any group of patients?

Although there are no specifically documented known risks to women who are pregnant or nursing, generally these women are not advised to have filler treatment.

What results can I expect from my filler treatment?

The results from dermal filler treatment will be subtle and it should not be obvious to anyone that you have even had treatment. You will look well rested and fresh. The results of treatment will last between eighteen to twenty four months and towards the end of this period the effects will gradually soften and no dramatic change will be seen. At this point you can have a treatment ‘top up’.


Good practitioners will not just look at a specific line on the face that a patient points out but will look at the whole face. It is very important to feel safe and confident with your practitioner and to speak freely so that your requirements are understood.

What are the key questions I should ask before considering a treatment?

  • Ask what qualifications he or she has.
  • What products are used and why have they been chosen?
  • Do those products have an extensive research and testing background?
  • Do you have any before and after pictures and testimonials from patients? How happy have your patients been with their results?
  • Are there any potential side effects I should know about?
  • What arrangements are in place for after-care?

How much will treatment with dermal fillers cost me?

Treatment will vary depending on how much treatment you have and will also vary from practitioner to practitioner. Talk to your Dentists Near Me professional for an estimate on treatment costs.


If you are considering having treatment with dermal fillers, Dentists Near Me will be able to find a professional to help at a location convenient to you.