Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

What is Meant By Veneers?

A veneer fits over the font of a tooth and is made from porcelain. It fits over the tooth like a false fingernail would fit over a nail. Instead of porcelain, sometimes a composite material might be used.

Why would I need a veneer?

You might want a veneer to improve the shape, the position or the colour of your teeth. It can be chosen to match your tooth colour so that the veneer can go on top of a discoloured tooth or to brighten the shade of front teeth. It can also help disguise a chipped tooth. A veneer can also be used to close a small gap where braces cannot be used.   If there is an issue with a tooth being slightly misaligned a veneer can bring it into line.

What would the advantage of a veneer be?

Veneers will make a tooth look healthy and natural and because they are extremely thin and held in place by a very strong adhesive there is little required preparation of the tooth.  Some need no preparation at all.

How would a tooth be prepared for a veneer to be fitted?

To prepare the tooth some of the shiny outer enamel will have to be taken off. This is to allow for the veneer to be bonded onto the tooth. The amount of enamel removed is very small and will be the same thickness as the veneer will eventually be. An impression of the tooth will be taken from which the veneer will be made. A local anaesthetic may be given to ensure that the whole procedure is comfortable.

How long will it take to have a veneer fitted?

You will need to have at least two visits for a veneer fitting. In the first visit the tooth will be prepared to match the shade and before bonding the veneer to the tooth the dentist will show it to you on your tooth to make sure that you like it.

Will I be fitted with a temporary veneer between dentist’s visits?

The preparation of the tooth will not really be visible so a temporary veneer will not be needed. The veneer might feel a little bit different and rough to your tongue.

What will happen after the fitting of the veneer?

There will only ever be very minor adjustments to a veneer once it has been fitted. It is important that you allow yourself to get used to it before thinking about any adjustments.

How much will having veneers cost?

The cost of having dental veneers fitted will vary from dentist to dentist and you should always discuss charges and any treatment options with your Dentists Near Me dentist before you start any treatment.

How long will a fitted veneer last?

A veneer should last for a lot of years but they may develop a crack or even break just as real teeth do. Your dental team will give you guidance on how long you can expect your veneer to last and how best to care for it too.

Are there any alternatives?

For minor repairs to the front teeth a natural shaded filling material might be used when the tooth is strong enough to take a filling. It does not work as well on corner chips or breaks.


Crowns can also be used for teeth that need to be strengthened.


If you are thinking of having veneers check out the dentists that are available at locations near to you at Dentists Near Me.