Damon Braces

Damon Braces

Increasing numbers of people are looking for an orthodontic solution with braces that will be discreet and comfortable.

Damon Braces are fixed cosmetic braces that use a low friction mechanism that will reduce the binding and the friction that are common with traditional braces. Treatment times will be less and the comfort with Damon Braces is reported to be better due to the lighter forces associated with these braces.

There are three commonly used Damon Braces Systems:

  • The original Damon braces
  • Damon Q (brackets are smaller and more discreet than the original)
  • Damon Clear (Damon Clear braces are virtually invisible to other people)

Advantages of Damon Braces

The advantages of the Damon systems are that the patient needs fewer visits to the dental surgery and treatment that lasts 4-6 months less. All this means that the beautiful smile that you want will be yours sooner!

How Does the Damon System Braces Work?

Do you know how do demon braces work? Using self-ligating braces the system does away with elastic or metal ties that have traditionally been used to provide tension. The system moves the teeth using a slide mechanism instead of elastics, moving teeth faster and more comfortably. They also are more hygienic as they do not allow as much plaque to form. Dentists Near Me Orthodontists are all based in the UK and specialise in the damon braces with advanced procedure both for children and adults. Our dental directory will offer you more information on Damon Braces providers and costs.

What is different about the Damon System?

As well as being self-ligating braces, part of the bracket is made from ceramic material that will not wear or stain easily. The technology of these braces moves teeth fast requiring fewer visits for adjustment. This system has a proven track record in aligning teeth and enhancing facial aesthetics.

Better results in a shorter time

Treatment time is shorter with Damon Braces than with conventional braces and offers a comfortable experience.

Damon Clear Braces

These braces work in the same way as the original braces but without elastic ties and with self-ligating arch wires and brackets and additionally Damon Clear Braces are virtually invisible.

There is no doubt that the Damon system offers an aesthetically pleasing result and will appeal to those people considering this kind of treatment who have been put off by the thought of having to wear metal braces.

At Dentists Near Me we will be able to offer you a professional and experienced dentist in a location convenient to you who will be able to talk over the damon braces treatment with you.

How Much do Damon Braces Cost in UK?

On average, braces cost anywhere between £3,800 and £8,000 depending on individual cases. Only your Damon Dentist can truly determine the cost of braces based on your specific needs.