5 Easy Ways to Get Straightened Teeth and Better Looking Smile With Invisalign

23 Jul 2019
teeth straightening with invisalign

Getting the teeth straightened has become the desire of many. Are you one of them? Have you heard about the Invisalign and have you made them your choice? If you have, that’s good, but if you haven’t, I’ll encourage you to.

This is because researches have revealed using Invisible braces to straighten the teeth is more effective compared to the traditional way of getting it done by using metal braces.

It is better to go with Invisalign braces because they are really clear and can barely be noticed. This is unlike the metal braces, which scream out loud for the world to know you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is also used for the treatment of underbites and overbites so if you want to walk your way through any orthodontic problem, meet with a dentist to help you get Invisalign. Its ability to correct and align your teeth will make you look better and happier.

The five tips you need to know while using Invisible braces

  • Invisalign should not be worn for less than 22 hours daily

Using Invisalign requires self-control since they are removable. This is why they are not advised for teens (except the Invisalign teen which is specially designed for teenagers) that may not be able to withstand the little discomfort and wear them for long.

For these Invisible braces to function the way they should and within their expected duration, they have to be worn for 22 hours. Keeping to this Invisalign aligner commandment will help you achieve your desired result on time. It is also advised that you wear these aligners during sleep; you will be more relaxed then, and this will help speed up the aligning process.

  • Always maintain good oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay

The clear aligners should be removed before every meal and drink except water. This will help prevent them from getting stained. After the meal, you should brush and floss your teeth properly to keep all the food particles away. There should always be a travel-size toothbrush with you so that you can always floss wherever you find yourself before getting your trays replaced. Rinsing your mouth with a good mouthwash will also help you attain the proper hygiene and freshness with your clear braces.

  • There are beverages that you should avoid, run away from them

Though you are advised to always remove your trays before eating and drinking anything aside from water, there are some beverages you should completely reduce their intake and avoid during the period of your Invisible braces treatment. These restrictions are just for certain beverages only; you can eat any food as long as you brush and floss after the meal. Drinking hot tea, coffee and other beverages should be avoided because they will get the trays stained.

Also, drinking cold beverages, water and even beverages with light colours during the duration of this treatment will cause the Invisalign trays to get stained. Drinking these beverages may also cause tooth decay, which you are working hard to avoid.

  • Take pictures

Taking pictures will help you track the progress of your treatment, and it will also help create memories for the period of your treatment even though they are almost invisible. Taking pictures at least once every week will help you see the rate at which your teeth are aligning and how better they are getting.

  • Obey your dentist, he knows better

People usually feel tensed when they want to meet with the dentist for the first time. These feeling should lessen after the second visit. It is recommended that you keep to your appointments and visit your dentist regularly. When you do, he will tell you when your trays are due for a change and a few dos and don’ts. When he does, keep to them, they will help you achieve your aim faster.

With Invisalign, results are always certain provided you abide by its rules. You can meet with a dentist around you and get yourself Invisaligned.

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