Bad Breath

How will I know if I have bad breath?

There will always be small signs that all is not well and that you might be suffering from bad breath (halitosis). Do people sometime turn their face away when you are talking or turn their cheek when you go to kiss them?   It could be because you have bad breath. There is a pretty easy way to tell if you might have bad breath. Have a little lick of the inside of your wrist and then a sniff. If het smells bad then you probably do have bad breath. Or you could always ask someone you trust to tell you the truth.

What is the cause of bad breath?

Bad breath is very common and it can derive form a variety of causes although the smells of gasses emanating from bacteria that coat the teeth tongue and gums is a common culprit. Bits of soft food can also become lodged in between our teeth and as they rot they will cause a bad smell. Having coffee, garlic or onions or other strong tasting and smelling foods will also add to the problem. Brushing properly is also essential to make sure that your breath is always fresh and sweet smelling.


As well as causing bad breath plaque building up on the teeth can give rise to gum disease and tooth decay. In fact one of the well-known signs of gum disease is a complaint of always having a bad taste in the mouth. Regular dental check ups and professional cleaning are the best way to prevent all of these problems.

Are there any other causes of bad breath?

Some medical problems might have symptoms like bad breath. Dry mouth is one such problem where the mouth does not produce enough saliva allowing bacteria to build up leading to bad breath. This condition might be caused by some medication or salivary gland problems or if you are a mouth breather. If you do suffer from dry mouth then your dental team will be able to recommend artificial saliva to use. Infections of the nose or lungs or of the throat, bronchitis, diabetes and kidney or liver diseases might also be culprits and you may need to see your doctor for advice on this.

Will smoking cause bad breath?

Yes smoking tobacco gives rise to its own kind of bad breath. To avoid it the only thing that you can do is to stop smoking!   Bad breath is not the only problem you will face if you smoke. There is tooth staining and the loss of taste as will as irritation of the gums. Smoking is also associated with gum disease and with mouth cancer as well as lung cancer and heart disease. You can ask for help to quite and if after you do the bad breath persists, then you should mention it to our doctor or dentist.

How will my dentist be able to help me?

If you do have bad breath he you will need to embark on a routine to get your breath back to its natural fresh best. Regular dental check ups will be a great help as the dentist and their hygienist will be able to identify any areas where plaque is building up. They will also be able to show you how best to clean your teeth and your tongue so that problems cannot arise.

How can I avoid having bad breath?

To help you to keep your mouth fresh and clean you must first ensure that your gums are healthy. If you know that you do have bad breath then keeping a diary of the foods that you eat will help. So will keeping a list of medicines you are taking. You could take them all to your dentist so that they might suggest ways to solve the problem. You should be in the habit of brushing your teeth and gums at night and at one other time during the day with a fluoride toothpaste. Try brushing or scraping your tongue as well, and avoid sugary food.

  • Visit your dentist regularly, or as often as recommend.
  • Clean between teeth with ‘interdental' brushes or dental floss at least once every day because brushing only will clean at best 60 percent of the surface of your teeth. Check out other products that will clean between your teeth.
  • Use a non alcoholic mouthwash – one with an antibacterial agent that will kill bacteria.

Will using a mouthwash cover up bad breath?

Using a mouthwash to cover up bad breath is not a good idea. If you find you need it all the time to keep bad breath masked then you should talk to your dentist. There are a lot of mouth washes on the market that will help with preventing bad breath and gum disease although any that contain chlorhexidine might cause staining of the teeth when it is used long term.

How can I make sure I don’t have bad breath if I wear dentures?

Keeping your dentures clean is just as important as keeping your own teeth clean. Bits of food can get caught on the edges of the denture and also on the clips and clasps that will begin torot and smell bad if you do not clean them properly. Brush you dentures and soak them in a solution that will disinfect them.  If scale or stains do build up you could have your hygienist or dentist clean them for you.

How will what I eat affect my breath?

Everything that you eat will have to be broken down first in your mouth and if you do not brush and floss and keep your teeth clean paying attention to your tongue and gums as well, bad breath will be the result. Your Dentists Near Me dentist will be able to help you take all the steps necessary to ensure that you do not suffer from bad breath.